As a tonal colorist I explore the layered richness of dyes, the multi-textural aspects of papers and fabrics, the wide ranging dimensions of printmaking and my emotional response when creating. Various fabrics and papers transition through multiple processes with dyes, over-dyes, print techniques, and the introduction of photography and digital elements. Each step proceeds from an intuitive emotional approach based on years of self-directed study whereby colors become the catalyst.
Hard, soft, and blurred edges combine to form layers of color using dyes, paints and inks. The response to color creates the freedom for tones, shades, values and hues to develop. Surfaces are completed with hand and/or machine stitching. Every process builds on the previous process and manifests a new creative vision.

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Tags: textiles, fiber artist, abstract, expressionist, printmaker, lutradur, digital photography,multi media, experimental, studio..

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